Campus Drive: Commvault Interview Questions



 Hey Guys, 

                     Commvault is one of the MNCs in India. The main stream of the commvault is Data Protection. The software release made by Commvault is SIMPANA. This SIMPANA is the top software in data protection.

                    One of our friends shared his interview experience (Before 2 yrs) and the questions asked in the interview. Read the following post and get benefited.

Interview 1:
       1.      Explain your project?
       2.      Which OOPS language are you familiar with(JAVA/C++)?
       3.      Some basic Questions from JAVA like
a.       What is the use of public static void main(String args) :- Explain
b.      OOPS Concepts.
c.       Inheritance in java.
d.      Templates and object overloading.
       4.      Program to find Fibonacci Series in JAVA(They specified language here).
Interview 2:
       1.      Compilation process for a c program and explain the intermediate files and its use.
       2.      Program for strcpy(char *, char *) your own implementation
       3.      Array base pointer increment
       4.      Segmentation fault with example and its explanation
Interview 3:
       1.      Explain your project
       2.      How ll you read file in Binary format of byte by byte using c?
       3.      One program regarding dynamic memory allocation in that we have to fill some lines of code to optimize the memory.
       Struct employee
          Char name[10];
          Int number;
          Char *dept;
       Store_emp_det(name, mobile,dept)
      4.      Puzzles
      5.      Dynamic memory operations for strings and string functions?
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