Campus Drive Experience: Mu-Sigma

mu-sigma-logoCompany Overview

Mu Sigma, one of the world’s largest Decision Sciences and analytics firms, helps companies institutionalize data-driven decision making and harness Big Data.


Mu Sigma solves high-impact business problems in the areas of Marketing, Risk and Supply Chain across 10 industry verticals. With over 2500 decision science professionals and more than 75 Fortune 500 clients, Mu Sigma has driven disruptive innovation in the analytics industry with its interdisciplinary approach combining business, math and technology, and its integrated decision support ecosystem comprised of technology platforms, processes, methodologies and people. Further, analytical assets developed by Mu Sigma’s innovation and development team ensure a competitive edge to clients. Mu Sigma is head-quartered in Chicago with its main delivery center in Bangalore, India.


The experience of 2010-2011 Mu-Sigma Campus Drive is shared in this post. The sample questions and interview experience are shared below.

Round1: Written test

Questions include Quantitative aptitude, Logical reasoning & verbal and data

interpretation. For Aptitude, RS Agarwal (boats and streams, trains, speed and distance,

time and work) is enough

Learn: Puzzles, Basics of C and DS

No of questions : 10+5+1         Duration: 20 minutes          Negative marks: No

Round2: Group Discussion

Some topics given in GD were

“Students in Politics”,

“Karunanithi vs Jayalalitha”

“Premarital sex is right or wrong”

Round3: Interview

Some had separate Technical and HR round. Some had both the rounds in one

interview. In technical round, some were asked about the basic C questions and some

concepts regarding linked list (how many fields, deletion).

1. “Why Musigma?”- The frequent question asked to most of the students.

2. They checked communication skills and analytical skills(puzzles)

3. Make 50 by using any five numbers (with or without repetition) in the set

{ 35,3, 5, 17,13, 19,23,27}

To Know More about Mu-Sigma


Picture Source: Mu-Sigma

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