Campus Drive Experience: Subex

subex worldRound1: Written Test/Online
            Written Test includes three sections C section, Aptitude Section and programming Section. Most of C Section Questions came from “Exploring C” Book. In programming Section, We want to write one out of two programs.
Learn: All core subjects
 No of questions: 15+15+2        Duration(min): 15+15+15      Negative marks:1/3
Some of the example questions
1. Void main(){



What is the output?

2. Write code to merge sorted linked list.

3. Code to remove last occurrence of a given string in each sentence in a

given file.

Round2: Programming

1. Code for quick sort

2. Program to find median element in the linked list

Round3: Tech interview

1. Normalization process in DB?

2. Difference between interface and abstract class in java?

3. Memory management and scheduling in OS?

4. How multiplication will be done by processor?

5. IP classes?

6. Program for merge sort for linked list.

7. Difference between recursive and iterative functions?

8. Write a program for reversing a number as follows:

Input: 1234 output: 3412

Input: 12345 output: 45231 (2 digits at a time)

9. Find the difference:

const char *p; char* const p;

10. Program for reversing a string?

11. Write a program for adding the digits in a given number?

12. Test cases for merging two sorted linked list?

13. How to write generic function?

14. Use of ‘this’ pointer? Explain with example.

15. What is semaphore and mutex?

16. What are database languages? example

17. Virtual function and its use?

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