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Internet xml

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable. It is defined in the XML 1.0 Specification produced by the W3C, and several other related specifications, all gratisopen standards.

The design goals of XML emphasize simplicity, generality, and usability over the Internet. It is a textual data format with strong support via Unicode for the languages of the world. Although the design of XML focuses on documents, it is widely used for the representation of arbitrary data structures, for example in web services.



Title XML: A Beginner’s Guide
Beginner’s Guide
Author Steven Holzner
Edition illustrated, annotated
Publisher McGraw Hill Professional, 2009
ISBN 0071606270, 9780071606271
Length 456 pages
Subjects Computers › Programming Languages › XML

Computers / Programming Languages / XML


About the Book:

Essential Skills–Made Easy!
Get started programming in XML right away with help from this hands-on tutorial. XML: A Beginner’s Guide explains how to store data in and retrieve data from XML documents, format data with Cascading Style Sheets, display data in Web browsers, and use Java and JavaScript. The book covers the latest innovations in XML, including Ajax, XHTML, XPath 2.0, XSLT 2.0, and the new XQuery specification. Now it’s easier than ever to learn how to create your own XML solutions!

Designed for Easy Learning:

Key Skills & Concepts–Lists of specific skills covered in the chapter

Try This–Hands-on exercises that show how to apply your skills

Numerous screenshots–Examples that illustrate real-world results

Annotated Syntax–Example code with commentary that describes the programming techniques being illustrated

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Reference downloads:

Mcgraw-Hill Download Reference 2001

Mcgraw-Hill Download Reference 2008

Mcgraw-Hill Dowload Reference (Developers Guide)

Mcgraw-Hill Download Reference(Complete Reference)

Source: Google Books and Wikipedia

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