Make USB drive as RAM


Here is a trick to increase your RAM without any extra investment. This trick will surely improve the performance of your computer and increase operational speed.

ReadyBoost is a disk cache component of Microsoft Windows NT, first introduced with Windows Vista. It works by using flash memory, a USB flash drive, SD card, CompactFlash or any kind of portable flash mass storage system as a cache. An internal SSD can also be used for increased performance, but has the same limitations as smaller flash drives (such as 32 GB per cache file).


ReadyBoost is one of the magical trick to speed your system. Follow the below steps to make the pendrive as RAM in your respective OS (Note: Before trying this trick, make sure this can damage pen drive so be careful.).

           Requirements For Virtual RAM

1)Minimum 2 GB pen drive .

2)USB(Universal serial bus) 2.0 or later.

Make USB pen drive as RAM in Windows XP

1. First connect your pen drive to computer. Note that pen drive should be at least of 1GB.
2. Now right click on the my computer and then click properties.
3. Click on Advanced Tab and then Performance.
4. Now click on Advanced and then click on Virtual Memory.
5. Select your pen drive icon and click Custom size.
6. Now view the memory available in your pen drive and note it down then click on OK.
7. Restart your computer and enjoy your fast system.

Make USB pen drive as RAM in Windows Vista and Windows 7


1. Insert your pen drive and format it.
2. Right click on your pen drive and click on properties.
3. Now click on Ready boost tab and then Use this device.
4. Choose maximum space to reserve system speed then click on OK and Apply.
You’ve done! use your pen drive as RAM.

Make USB pen drive as RAM in Windows 8

Step 1: Put pen drive in USB 2.0 port.
Step 2: Right click on the pen drive.
Step 3: Go to the ReadyBoost Tab.
Step 4: Select use this device.
Step 5: Specify your device size for RAM ,4 GB best size.


  • DO NOT pull flash drive out of USB Port while it is being used as a ReadyBoost device.
  • DO NOT save any data on the flash drive when it is being used as ReadyBoost device.

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