Campus Drive Experience: iNautix

inautixiNautix is an affiliate of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation Inc, a leading financial services provider. We provide software development services for the Company’s subsidiaries, including The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation and Pershing LLC..

To know more about iNautix:

Sample Questions are discussed below.

Round 1: Written Test

Learn: Operating system, C, Data structures and data base

No of questions: 15+15+15         Duration: 1 hour         Negative marks: No

Topics: Vocabulary — General Aptitude — Technical Aptitude

1. Struct


Int a:1;


Int main()



Return 0;


What is the output?

2. Int foo(int n)


Int i=1,sum=0;



Return sum;


What is the return value for foo(12)?

3. What is all the information contained in process address space?

a. Primary memory location

b. Process table entry

c. Pointer to u-area

d. Pointer swap space

4. Which is important for fore ground process?

a. Memory

b. Clock cycle

c. Registers

Round 2: Group Discussion              Duration: ½ hour

Major elimination in GD.

Be precise in your statements.

Sometimes you will be allowed to suggest your own discussion topic.

Some Topics given are:

  • “Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage”
  • “Consider yourself as a fruit”
  • “Co-education is effective or not.”

Round 3: Tech and HR Interview                            Duration: ½ hour

  1. Simple program to read and write to a file in C.
  2. You are given with two strings s1 and s2. Write a code print first character in string s1 and print second string s2.
  3. Questions regarding basic terminology in data structures
  4. Basic operating system concepts (virtual memory, page replacement algorithms and dead lock)
  5. Questions from your resume, say, project, paper and training(if you have undergone)
  6. Some puzzles(quite easy)
  7. Asked about c++ basics
  8. Asked the questions related to field of interest
  9. Why java is platform independent?
  10. Query to find the name of person who got first mark
  11. First three Normal forms.
  12. What is the use of B-tree in DB?
  13. Draw ER-diagram for some relation


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