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Campus Drive: Commvault Interview Questions



 Hey Guys, 

                     Commvault is one of the MNCs in India. The main stream of the commvault is Data Protection. The software release made by Commvault is SIMPANA. This SIMPANA is the top software in data protection.

                    One of our friends shared his interview experience (Before 2 yrs) and the questions asked in the interview. Read the following post and get benefited.
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2012: Microsoft Campus Drive 3

Round 1:

Written test :
and technical

Round 2:

Programming round time: 1 hour , cannot compile and check

Question 1: given a number find the next large number with same number of 1’s in binary

Eg. If given 2 ans is 4

Question 2: given a binary search tree convert it into sorted doubly linked list

Question 3: find the 2nd largest number in a given array

Round 3: personal interview

Implement a file system. Explain briefly the data structures you would use

Round 4: personal interview

Find the grandparent of a given node using parent pointer

Round 5: personal interview

Tell an efficient way to search in a sorted array but rotated by some k value. K unknown

Implement efficient stack with insertion deletion and find min.

Round 6: Personal interview

Given two sorted linked list, merge them into one.

Write test cases for the same

And some hr questions

Image Courtesy: and Microsoft

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Thank you.

2012: Microsoft Campus Drive 2

Following is what you asked for :

Microsoft Interview Procedure:

i)First round by Aspiring Minds(a company for conducting first rounds alone)
        Total-99 Questions(All aptitude)
        Coding(Language related)-25 Questions

        Maths quants-25 Questions
        Analytical skills-25 Questions
        Vocabulary & English-24 Questions
ii)Coding round:
        3 codes were asked
        2 from DS
        1 General
iii) Rest 3-4 rounds of interview
        In all rounds questions based on only your area of interest.
        In one round alone questions based on OS(Process
scheduling,thread,process),DBMS etc other general topic related
questions were asked.
iv) It is all about the interview.Then the results.
Thanks for sharing Akash Jain.

2012: Microsoft Campus Drive 1

Recently I attended Microsoft Campus Interview and got selected. Below is my Interview Experience and I just wanna share it.

1st Round:
Online Aptitude test:
Aptitude, logical questions and subjective Questions
2nd Round:
Online test
In this round we are asked to type the code in notepad and send (no compilers)
3rd Round:
It started wih introduce yourself and he introduced himself to me. Then he asked me about my project and it gone to some stuffs related wih memory. He asked me how a program is stored in memory
1) Write a program for beautificaion (proper indentation) of a program file in an IDE.
int main(){
return 0;
You are provided with getToken() which returns a token
ex: if(i>10) is a token
int main() is a token
{,} are tokens
so output should be
int main()
   return 0;
void beautify(char* inputfile,char* outputfile)
Give some testcases for the above program
2) Write a program to find the diameter of a binary tree and then he wanted to extend it for m-ary tree.
4th Round:
1) You are provided with a string which contains single byte as well as two byte characters. If a character is single byte char, it’s MSB is 0, if it’s a 2 byte char, it’s MSB is 1. Write a program to check whether the given string is palindrome or not.
Test cases for above program.
2) Write a program to print the n-nodes from tail of the linked list.
Test cases for above program.
5th Round:
1) Write a program to Validate an IPv4 Address.
Write test cases for above program.
2) Write a program to find all the possible paths from a starting point to dest point in a maze(2-D array).
ex:  1 0 1 0
     1 1 1 1
     0 1 0 1
     0 0 1 1
If there is a block it’s represented by 0.
If there is a path it’s represented by 1.
6th Round:(Final Round)
Write a code for printing last n lines in a file (refer man page of tail command in linux). The file size may vary, it may be 1MB or it may be 100 GB.
Give top 10 test cases for the above program

Congrats to Muniraj, GCT cbe. All the best!