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Command Prompt: Windows 8 Commands

windows-8-command-prompt_thumbThe Command Prompt available in Windows 8 contains around 230 commands. The commands available in Windows 8 are used for a various purposes, including diagnosing and correcting certain Windows problems, automating tasks, and much more.Note: A number of Windows 8 Command Prompt commands are very similar to MS-DOS commands. However, the Command Prompt in Windows 8 is not MS-DOS so the commands are not correctly referred to as MS-DOS commands.

The list of commands

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DOS Commands IV (Alphabet D)

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DATE (External – DOS 1.0;Internal – DOS 1.1 and above)

Displays or sets the date.

 DATE [date]

Type DATE without parameters to display the current date setting and
a prompt for a new one.  Press ENTER to keep the same date.

DOS Commands III (Alphabet C)


Internal – DOS 3.3 and above

Calls one batch program from another.

CALL [drive:][path]filename [batch-parameters]

  batch-parameters   Specifies any command-line information required by the
                     batch program.